I did my very first safari to Africa with Stuart and Tallyho Safaris. It was such a great experience for my wife and I that we returned the next year with five very good friends, who also had the best hunt they could imagine. Game was plentiful Stuart and Rudi and everyone there were excellent looking after our needs and making us feel that we wanted for nothing the entire time we were there.

Brandon Cowell, USA (reside in Germany)

Dear Stuart,

I would like to thank you and your team for taking such great care of myself, my son and my two friends during our visit to Kruger park and Tally-ho. We had two great weeks and everything went flawlessly throughout the whole trip.

Highlights, besides the food and nice company, was hunting with my son and to be able to be with him when he bagged his first African animals. I believe that 3 Impalas, 1 Nyala, 1 Red Hartebeest, 1 Duiker and 1 Springbuck is a quite good start for 13 year old (almost) first time hunter in Africa. His success would not have been possible without the support and guidance from you and the rest of your team.

Now we just need to figure out a way to get back to Tally-ho sometime in the near future.

Best regards,
Jan From Sweden

Have hunted at Tally Ho the past 2 years. Everything was great, no surprises. Stuart and company do everything to ensure your hunt is a success. I wouldn't hunt anywhere else in South Africa! Going back again this year.

Cliff, USA

Expectations, we all have them about most everything. How often are ALL of one’s expectations fulfilled? For me, this was the case in my second hunt with Stuart Williams’ Tally-Ho Safaris. Granted, my expectations were realistic based on much research and having hunted with Tally-Ho a year prior. My wife tells me that I overthink everything. To that I respond, thinking is my superpower. I plan for the worst and hope for the best!

I hunted with Stuart and his PH Rudi Nel last year enroute to a Zimbabwe elephant hunt. I returned to Tally-Ho the following year because they did everything right, I mean everything! For my second hunt with them, I brought my wife who, post hunt is now looking forward to our next trip when she will also hunt!

In the bush, PH's Stuart and Rudi do everything possible to provide client hunters the most memorable fair chase hunt. Once a hunter bags their game, it is quickly picked up and transported to the skinner. The trophies are cared for and the meat is cooked for dinner and the local orphanage. Nothing is wasted. They will arrange shipping home when desired.

Tally-Ho is a full-service South Africa outfitter. There is no "nickel and dining" for things not included at Tally-Ho. From picking up clients at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, many hunts morning, afternoon, and when desired, at night for certain species, magnificent meals by their 5-Star chef, drinks and stimulating conversation around the campfire, and return to the airport, there is no bull crap or extra charges! Only great hunting and friendly, spot-on service!

Mark Ouelette, USA