Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter December 2021

Hi all

I have not done a newsletter in a long while, a year actually, for that I apologise. I know a lot of you love looking at pics of live animals and trophies harvested by hunters. I think Possibly we thrive on these newsletters and images so we can drift off and imagine ourselves being that person next to the quarry and having just completed that hunt. Oh, the taste of a cold beer or a gin and tonic standing in the African bush somewhere chatting about life, the happenings of that day, or sometime deeper more intimate parts of our lives. Sharing laughs and tears with newly made friends or old acquaintances, even loved ones that have accompanied us on the trip to Africa. The trip of a lifetime the trip we waited our whole lives to commit too and once here we just want to return again, yearn for the red African dust in our noses and sounds of francolin calling, zebras yelling, impala snorting or buffalo groaning. These feelings, sight and sounds are all here waiting for you at tallyho. We wait with open arms to welcome you for the first time or back again. We are here to offer you that experience you have dreamed of …. And more. Because at tallyho we care, we care to make your trip all it can be, the best it can be, on your terms.

The first rains have fallen, all be it in shitty little bits, but we are thankful none the less. The bush is green and full of leaves, new grass is starting to sprout, and the animals’ condition is picking up. Some species have started to lamb already which is quite early and maybe a sign of something. What the sign is I don’t know.

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter December 2022

So, for the 2022 season we hosted around 40 international hunters and 75 South African's. We hosted a couple of Aussies this season, which was a first for Tally-Ho, good on ya mate.

A season to remember for sure. A season with some top-notch trophies for sure.

A season where we “blooded” some newbies, yes of course. This is a passion of mine as you all know.

A season where we made some dreams come true, absolutely.

A season where friends were made, of course.

A season where old friends came back and visited again some for the 8th time from Poland, and some South Africans visit us 2 or 3 times a year (can't get rid of the buggers).

There were also a few clients that didn’t make it this year as much as they wanted too. These were missed, a lot and we hope to see them in 2023.

Life is made up of moments, points in time if you will, some good some bad but all memorable!!!

Here are some moments from 2022 season

• One client hunting with PH Rudi Nel, took 3 zebra in one day.

• Shooting a great buff with a Polish Grandmother and her Grandson in tow.

• Blooding 6 “new” hunters during the season.

We took on 2 apprentice PH’s this year, man did that provide a few “moments” I hope they learned something good from us and hope we see them again in the future.

Some highlights of the 2022 season

• Buffalo bull and zebra with a handgun

• Crocodiles appeared at Tally-Ho

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter December 2022

The end of season cull hunts were great fun and are an amazing part of sustainable utilization model we practice at Tallyho. To those guys who came and did the cull hunts all I can say is thank you. This is probably the single most important activity we take on at Tallyho. A cull hunt experience is no less than that of a trophy hunt, only difference is we are not selecting one trophy animals, we are reducing numbers so your selection criteria is a lot broader and so more opportunities abound.

If our populations get too big, overgrazing occurs. If their overgrazing, soil erosion occurs. If soil erosion occurs, no grass or vegetation will grow without the good topsoil. So, if you look after your topsoil as primary concern the rest follows. Even though Tallyho is a seriously large piece of land we still need to pay attention to the smallest aspects so the animals, trees, shrubs, grasses and topsoil can thrive going forward.

This off season we are concentrating on bush clearing as much as we possibly can in isolated areas. This tedious exercise always proves fruitful the following season.


My staff and I believe there is no limit to an ultimate hunting experience at Tally-Ho.

If we are not improving, then we are going backwards!!!

At Tally-Ho we try to do as much humanitarian work as possible, to give back so they say

We support the local pre-school in Alldays with monthly contributions of meat, as they supply meals for the kids attending pre school there. Tallyho has been supporting a centre called “the haven” for around 8 years now. We supply meat, stationary, supplies and host various fund raisers on their behalf too. This is a centre for kids (some orphans and some neglected etc) where they can stay, they must attend school and go on and get jobs etc. We also make regular contributions to the PHASA “empowerment and legal funds”, PHASA does so much for the industry as a whole and for various communities etc. Us outfitters owe our livelihoods to PHASA for the work they do

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter December 2022

Thank you to all my staff for their continued support and diligence in providing what I believe to be a great experience for all visitors, from 4-year-old kids to 70-year-old hunters.

We look forward to continuing the traditions and providing the great experiences and memories at our amazing little piece of Africa.

I have made contact with some good outfitters in Zimbabwe for good elephant and leopard hunts, please contact me for the prices.

I have also sourced a good outfitter for Vaal Rhebok, mountain reedbuck, common reedbuck and will gladly send them to you if needed, please let me know if you are interested

Our new prices and packages for 2023 are on the website.

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From myself and your family at Tallyho, we wish you a safe and happy festive season and a wonderful Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2023, BOOK NOW WE ARE FILLING UP

Darzbur, Weidmannsheil, Hoit Jakt, and good hunting

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter December 2022