Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter November 2019

Hi all

So our season has come to a close, the first rain fell this week and now the real work starts.

A regular question that come up around the fire, with drink in hand, is how do we keep ourselves busy in the off season? Usually we laugh for a minute and then answer... then we really work!!! So yes a lot gets done in the "off" season. A huge amount of time goes into the roads, erosion control from rain, fix waterholes, piping, pumps, boreholes etc. we have to replace some pumps, check fences properly repair energisers.

And then obviously general maintenance on vehicles, lodge, butchery and whatever else needs it.

Checking the condition of animals is priority and deciding if we need to supplement their feeding if we don't get enough rain.

My staff and I believe there is no limit to an ultimate hunting experience at Tally-Ho, change is good and improvement is better than delayed perfection. If you are not improving, then you are going backwards!!!

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter November 2019

Summer is here and temperatures are soaring. We already had a couple days well over 40 deg C. and expect a lot more. The vegetation is changing and hopefully the animals will pick up condition in the coming weeks if we have more rain.

So 2019 season rolled out like this: we hosted a total of 119 clients, some non-hunters (wives, kids etc.), some bow hunters and some rifle hunters. We pride ourselves in having a diverse group of clients every year. The clients for 2019 came from SA, USA, Poland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain and Pakistan. Wow now that is diverse.

Let's hope we expand this client base in 2020!!

We took close to 400 animals off at Tally-Ho, with quite a few substantial specimens been harvested. Highlights for the year include a great Roan bull, always a few great kudu, 2 of 25" impala rams, 40" + sable bulls, 3 buffalo bulls over 40" (out of 8 total).

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter November 2019

For the first time in 2019 Tally-Ho offered some dedicated cull hunts, these were taken up by various clients from USA, Norway and Pakistan. They were highly successful and a lot of fun was had. This really helped us reduce numbers of certain species which was badly needed. Overpopulation destroys the grass and vegetation and certain species damage this more than others. This is why we identified certain target species to be included in the cull hunt packages. Thanks to the cull hunters for helping us in this regard, while having a great time hunting. We will be offering the packages in 2020 again.

A special thank you must go out to the fathers who bring their kids hunting. This is the future of hunting, the future PH’s, outfitters etc., the future of the industry. If we don’t do this we won’t have hunting in the future, so THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to all my staff for their continued support and diligence in providing what I believe to be a great experience for all visitors, from 4-year-old kids to 70-year-old gentlemen.

We look forward to continuing the traditions and providing the great experiences and memories at our lovely little piece of Africa.

I have made contact with some good outfitters in Zimbabwe for good elephant and leopard hunts, please contact me for the prices.

I have also sourced a good outfitter for Vaal Rhebok, mountain reedbuck, common reedbuck and will gladly send them to you if needed, please let me know if you are interested.

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter November 2019

Our new prices and packages for 2020 will be sent out shortly and uploaded to our website too

From myself and your family at Tally-Ho, we wish you a safe and happy festive season and a blessed Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing you back HOME in 2020 for yet another improved ultimate hunting experience.

Darzbur, Weidmannsheil, Hoit Jakt, and good hunting.