Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter May 2019

Hi all

We have some nice late rains at tallyho and the grass and leaves recovered well. In February it really wasn’t looking good but then the rain, albeit a bit late, came in March and April.

Lets hope the change in vegetation and the late growth is enough to get us deep into the dry winter months, and there is enough food for all the animals to push through the winter.

It looks like 2019 should be a great year for hunting at Tally-Ho

We are starting a little late this year but we will be hunting until later in the season. It seems the "cull" hunts are very popular and we will report on them soon as we have completed a few. One hunt has been completed already in early April. We hosted 2 lithuanian hunters, we harvested 1 buffalo, 2 sable, 1 impala and 1 warthog. This is what they were really targeting and both hunters were very happy on the conclusion of their hunt.

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter May 2019

Clients often ask "what do the staff do when there are no clients at Tallyho", the answer: well then they really work, lots of small improvements are made in the off season as well as tons of maintenance. Thank you to all my staff for their effort in the “off” season. We are now ready to host our clients and show them a good time and make sure they have a great experience at Tallyho.

We look forward to continuing the traditions and providing the great experiences and memories at our lovely little piece of Africa.

I have made contact with some good outfitters in Zimbabwe for good elephant and leopard hunts, please contact me for the prices.

I have also sourced a good outfitter for Vaal Rhebok, mountain reedbuck, common reedbuck and will gladly send them to you if needed, please let me know if you are interested.

To all those clients coming back to Tallyho we really look forward to seeing you again, to all the new clients coming to Tallyho for the first time, we trust you will have a great time and become one of many returning clients.

Our new prices for 2019 are uploaded to our website. (click to go to website)

Once again I must thank my Loyal clients for their continued support, they come and visit year after year and seem never to tire of the "bullshit" spoken around the fire late at night.

Looking forward to a busy season filled with great memories, excellent trophies and good times.

Darzbur, Weidmannsheil, Hoit Jakt, and good hunting

Email: stuart@tallyho.co.za