Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2018

To all my fellow hunters, friends and nature lovers

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2018

Sorry for the long gap between newsletters but we had some email and web site issues, which I hope are all sorted now.

Everyone at Tally-Ho has been very busy this year.

We have hosted a record number of international clients and have had a really great season so far. Harvesting 350 animals so far with a few groups still to go in September. All of our buffalo hunts have been without incident and some really great bulls were taken. Lets hope this continues for years to come.

It is always great to see old friends returning to Tally-Ho, we thank you for your loyalty and placing your trust in our hands. I must take this opportunity to thank Bogdan Kies and Wojtek Krainski of Poland for trusting and believing in my operation for years now. I believe we will have a great future together.

The bush is extremely dry this time of year and the temperatures are picking up, most of the leaves have fallen, the grass is pale and dry and the wind has really been blowing in august…. everything looks good for a good rainy season lets just hope it starts early.

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2018

Eland are calving now and it's a real sight to see a new born eland and to think it can grow into an 800kg monster, soon most of the other species will be giving birth too.

Buffalo have been breeding very well, we are thinking of offering some buffalo cow hunts next season, should be good hunting.

The kudu definitely took a hard knock over the last 2 years of drought but we have seen a slight recovery especially in the numbers of cows, hope the bull population picks up too.

Because I didn't send a newsletter for a while I am putting in lots of pics in this one ... enjoy!!!

Elias, Rudi, Karen and staff are looking forward to September hunts and send their regards to all the clients from 2018. 2019 prices and packages will be out soon and we will send with the next newsletter.

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2018


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