Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter April 2017

Hi to all our fellow hunters and friends

The 2017 season is nearly done

The grass is dry and the leaves have fallen, the bush doesn’t look that good now, we pray for early rains but know they are still far off.

The feeling I had earlier in the year was right, the vegetation was fragile, as soon as the temperatures dropped and a bit of wind blew the leaves fell and the grass dried out very quickly. The winter is going to be a long one.

So far this season Tallyho has hosted 13 groups already (83 hunters) and the hunting has been great.

What is extremely pleasing to me is as the years tick on and we try and stick to our management plans the trophies we are harvesting ARE improving, this is extremely rewarding to know we are doing something right.

In 2017 we have harvested four new records for Tally-Ho

1 - biggest kudu ever taken on tallyho 60,5"

2 - biggest buffalo ever taken on tallyho 42,5"

3 - biggest Eland bull ever taken on Tallyho 40,5"

4 - biggest blue wildebeest bull ever taken on tallyho 30"

In any bodies books these are good trophies and were well deserved.

For those interested in different trophies we tied up a really nice concession on the Limpopo river for crocodiles and bushbuck. We harvested a number of each this year and all went very well with the crocodiles ranging from 3.2m to 4.2m and some nice bushbuck.


To all the clients that have put their trust in Tallyho this past season and years before I say thank you very much and to all those that are busy with bookings for next year or planning a return to Tally-Ho I say relax, we will live up to your expectations and we will help you to create great memories in Africa.

So the "greenies" are winning ground all over the place, please as hunters, have a voice, an educated voice! It is our duty to keep educating the uneducated about wildlife and hunting, never be embarassed to say you are a hunter and explain why we do it. Remember the impact it has to get a kid involved in hunting ... This impacts the future, his families future and their kids…start today, it's the only way the future of hunting will be secure.

I am looking forward to the hunts booked for the rest of the season, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evenings around the fire with clients this year, the stories were even better than I amagined and some good laughs were had by all.

Weidmannsheil, Dashbur, Hoitjagd and good hunting

I know the pics speak a thousand words, so enjoy checking out some of the trophies and general pics from the early season

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2017

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2017

Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris - newsletter September 2017

We still have some space for the late season don’t hesitate before you know it 2017 is over and you still haven't hunted... enough!

Email: stuart@tallyho.co.za