Bow Hunting

Tally-Ho - Bow Hunting

At Tally-Ho we know what the bow hunter expects. I myself have been an avid bow hunter for over 15 years. Tally-Ho has 7 permanent blinds and also use pop up and temporary blinds if and when necessary.

Our PH's are experienced with bow hunting and will do their best to get you an opportunity on your quarry.

Walk and stalk has yielded good success over the years too.

Come and try a great self sustainable area with good hides, excellent staff and top quality trophies.

From game birds to buffalo you will have a great time harvesting the trophy of a lifetime.

Species List:

Species Sex
Steenbok Male & Female
Impala Ram & Ewe
Bush Buck Ram & Ewe
Cape Eland Bull & Cow
Red Hartebeest Bull & Cow
Waterbuck Bull & Cow
Gemsbok Bull & Cow
Giraffe Bull & Cow
Ostrich Male & Female
Roan Antelope Bull & Cow
Bush Pig Boar & Sow
Jackal Male & Female
Monkey Male & Female
Pangolin Male & Female
Brown Hyena Male & Female
Caracal Male & Female
Serval Male & Female
Civet Cat Male & Female
Pole Cat Male & Female
Spring Hare Male & Female
Duiker Male & Female
Kudu Bull & Cow
White Rhinoceros Bull & Cow
Livingstone Eland Bull & Cow
Zebra Stallion & Mare
Nyala Bull & Ewe
Leopard Male & Female
Tsessebe Bull & Cow
Sable Antelope Bull & Cow
Blue Wildebeest Bull & Cow
Warthog Boar & Sow
Baboon Male & Female
Porcupine Male & Female
Bat Eared Fox Male & Female
Ant Bear Male & Female
African Wild Cat Male & Female
Genet Male & Female
Cheetah Male & Female
Rabbits Male & Female