R900.00 per person per day, at the hunters lodge, fully catered including local wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks, in moderation, OR, R4 100-00 per day for the lodge self catering, max ten people. Only one party will be on the farm at any one time. All parties will be accompanied by the owner or his duly elected representative.

Hunters Lodge:

Accommodation is in a colonial style farmhouse, fully furnished, surrounded by large Marula trees with a few citrus trees for fresh picking of fruit. The house is run on solar energy and kitchen appliances run on gas, for the real back to nature feeling while still having all the comfort. For the non-hunters they can walk to the nearest waterhole just about 1 km away and sit in the hide and view the excellent bird and animal life.

Hunters Camp:

Not completed yet

All linen is supplied (towels and bed linen), maid, trackers, skinners, cold room facilities, butchery, game drive, hunting and retrieval vehicles (incl. Fuel), fully equipped kitchen, satellite TV.


The Farm

The hunting area consists of three farms bordering one another with no internal or dividing fences.
Total area is 5424 HECTARES in a rectangular shape of plus minus 5km by 10km.
We have a concession on another farm measuring 2700ha approximately 45minutes drive away.

The farm has exemption for hunting all species year round, and any certificates/permits for transportation of meat etc. will be issued from the farm on date of departure.

There is a taxidermist within 10km of the farm, any trophy caping, dipping or similar preparations of any nature will not be under taken on the farm. The staff is capable of skinning and salting only. If a client wants an animal to be mounted the staff will skin the animal and keep the head entirely attached to the skin and deliver the skin and head in one piece to the taxidermist. If the hunter has preferred taxidermist I recommend you make arrangements for the trophy to be dipped and packed in Alldays and shipped to your preferred taxidermist.


Bow Hunting

There are seven blinds currently on the farm situated at water holes, the blinds vary from sunken blinds to elevated, all are strategically positioned at water holes with a lot of traffic.

Please note we have a minimum charge of R30 000.00 per group (incl. animals, accommodation etc.) per weekend excl VAT. If the group does not shoot enough animals, to make up the minimum amount, we will shoot animals of your choice, to make up the minimum amount, and the meat will be delivered to you the following week.

Once a booking has been made all final details will be supplied and deposits arranged.