Sable Antelope


The initial sable herd comprising 2 young bulls and 6 females was brought in from North west province, in April 2007, from the reputable Stewart Dorrington who also runs free roaming herds. We then put in an additional 5 heiffers in September 2008 these came from Lee Cannata of exotic game breeders. These are all pure matsetsi blood line. The dominant bull has 42inch horns with perfect symmetry and has excellent body size and stature. This makes up an exceptionally strong herd with fantastic genetics. We currently run a totally free roaming herd of around 30 animals. Due to Sable antelopes aggressive nature we remove bulls at around 2 years of age and place them in a 'bull camp'.

We will look at adding a new dominant bull in 2012 which will more than likely be a cross Zambian bull.

We have since sold 4 heiffers and 2 young bulls over the last two years, attaining very good prices.



We have now put together a 2nd (STUD) herd of sable on Tallyho. 7 cows and 2 heiffers coming from Piet Leroux and Francois Robberts have seen introduced and settled down well. These females are all pregnant from 42 and 44 inch Zambian (Piet Warren bulls). The bull with this herd is a cross Zambian bull and is the son of Big Jim. He is now 4.5 years old and measure app 44 inches. This well balanced with good height and thickness in his horns, not to mention symmetry!!!



Herds are doing well, we have now split the camp herds and run 2 camp herds and one big veld herd.



Veld herd is now about 25 animals strong and another ± 25 bulls roam freely.

Camp 1: we introduced a great young bull, msd 41,5" at 4yrs old, he has a good bloodline (father west Zambian 47” thaba tholo) and a great spread and temperament, he is walking with 4 females for now, we look forward to the progeny of this bull. A further 3 heiffers will be added to this group early in 2016.

Camp 4: this herd is doing well, the females vary from 1 year to 5 years old, all mature cows are close to 30". This bull now measure app 46"+ and produces great "red" offspring and the bull calves are something to behold.


Breeding Bulls
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Young Bulls
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Veld Sable
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