Roan Antelope


Roan antelope were the first of the rare species to be introduced onto Tallyho. 8 heiffers and 2 bulls coming from greater Kuduland safaris in Alldays made up the core of this herd. A new bull was introduced in September 2010. This bull came from Gariep eco reserve and measured 25 inches at 3 years of age. His father measured ± 34 inches. Tallyho boasts one of very few free roaming herds of Roan antelope.

We sold 2 heiffers and a young bull in 2010, the heiffers from Tallyho held the highest prices on auction for Roan antelope heiffers for that year. Quality!!



A new stud herd of Roan antelope has been introduced on Tallyho. The females (all pregnant from 30+ inch bulls) come from Shelanti Game ranch, Mr Edwin Claassen, and other from Sable Ranch. This herd is made up of 7 cows 3 heiffers and herd bull measuring 29.5 inches (August 2012). The bulls father measured 34inches. We are confident in saying that these are among the best Roan antelope in the Area.



Roan are doing very well in alldays, we have been breeding with roan in alldays for nearly 10 years now. Our veld herd is growing very well and had excellent calving season in 2014. We also have 2 camp herds of roan now. Without a doubt some of the best roan in SA. We do not interfere with calves, no dipping, or treating. They only get fed.



Camp 1: Tallyho purchased a great young bull to be introduced to the camp 1 heiffers in 2016. He msd 27,5" at 4 yrs old, we will leave him with a few younger bulls until 2016. The heiffers in camp 1 are born and bred at tallyho, years of careful selection are producing results!!! These heiffers have massive bodies for their age and I am sure will produce strong calves for many years to come.

Camp 4: this herd is doing well, calving season was good once again. This bull has really settled this herd down and looks after calves well.


Breeding Bulls
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Young Bulls and Old Bulls
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Veld Roan
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