Buffalo herd at Tallyho has been sourced from around the country thus making up a very diverse set of characteristics and an excellent gene pool. Some of the bulls come from Dinaka (stud game breeders) Waterberg, Barry Streicher (ammondale, trophy breeders) Alldays area, well known Thaba Tholo and Rietvlei nature reserve. The cows and heiffers came from the following areas, Musina, Vivo, Rietvlei, Rustenburg and Bela Bela. The oldest cow would be around 7-8 years old and the oldest bull around 7 years.

Full histories (sires and dams) of all buffalo is kept on file as well as all blood tests from time of being moved to Tallyho.



Some young bulls with excellent genetics have been introduced during 2012. With the new Rowland ward measurement system coming into play in 2013 we put emphasis on horn mass, bosses and width. The 2 young bulls father had 18inch bosses and 44 inch width.

All our cows are calving extremely well. Average age of our herd is app 7 years old and stand at about ±50 animals. Dominant herd bulls are now fully grown and in their prime, they look great and have excellent balance of horn width, mass, bosses and body size and presence!!!!



All our buffalo are free roaming on 5000ha

Dominant bulls range from 42 to 45"

These are real veld hardened buffalo, they know predators and hunters alike. And they breed very well. The total stands at around 75 animals in total. The buffalo mainly walk in 3 herds 2 breeding herds and one bachelor herd , then a few lone bulls.


Breeding Bulls
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Young Bulls
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