Tallyho game ranch is proud to be a member of Soutpansbergskaarswildstudiegroep. We hold an auction in Alldays annually early in August.

From inception, we at Tallyho, have adopted free roaming principles on our breeding programmes. The herds run on 5000ha+ in the Alldays area, Limpopo province.

All our free roaming animals only get supplement feeding in late winter if necessary, these are veld hardened bushveld animlas, born amongst predators and are never dipped or treated.

We also have a few camps varying from 30 ha to 140 ha with roan, sable, liv eland, nyala and black impala in these camps.

We prefer to mix species in the camps, but make sure we have multiple feeding and water points in the camps to prevent inter species competition. I believe this is a good practice as the animals grow up understanding other species and if ever released into a free roaming environment they will be well adapted. Even in the camps we don’t treat or handle our animals unnecessarily.